Puran Disk Defragmenter

About Puran

Fragmentation occurs due to various reasons resulting in sluggishness and PC crashes. It makes the hard disk move too much while accessing the files and locating them stored in different fragments. It hampers the performance level and the speed of the whole system. Fragmentation also reduces the life of your hard disk. Puran Defrag provides the best solution for the problem of fragmentation.

Puran Defrag is a defrag software that brings together all the file fragments and places them at a single place. The directories and files which are frequently used are also moved to the faster disk area. This improves the hard disk performance as well as the speed of the system. This results in lesser wear and tear of the disk and hence longer life. It works on Windows Xp / 2003 & Vista.

Features of Puran Defragmenting:
  • Puran Defrag has a Boot Time Defragmentation to defrag system files as Pagefile, MFT, Hibernation File, Registry etc.
  • Puran Defrag has a low priority defragmentation. It means that the defragmentation will go on side by side as you work on your system.
  • Puran Defrag does automatic defragmentation. It means that you do not have to worry about the fragmented disks any more.
  • Puran Defrag does optimization by free space. It means that it frees some faster disk area for the temporary files while the Windows is running.
  • It has directory optimization i.e. it moves all the directories to the faster disk area which improves performance.
  • It features system optimization i.e. all the frequently used files are moved to the faster disk area which improves performance and takes less time when accessed.
  • Puran Defrag is able to restart your PC with lesser resources and starts defrag to defrag more and more files.
  • It also supports Windows scheduler to schedule defrag process.
  • It can shutdown or restart the computer once the defragmentation is completed.
  • It can also defrag single files by selecting the file and clicking Puran Defrag.
  • If there is low space and file cannot be defragmented, Puran Defrag still defrags it to some extent.
  • It supports command line defrag.
  • Puran Defrag also performs the disk check before running the program.
  • It has the capability of defragmenting the multiple volumes together.
So, if you are facing the serious problem of slowness and fragmentation try Puran Defrag and you'll surely be relaxed here after.

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