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Ultimate Defrag Disk Defragmenter

You must be using your computer on daily basis and would be running complex games, applications and simulations. These all result in slowness of the computer due to serious fragmentation. UltimateDefrag is software that would significantly improve the performance of your PC. It allows you to place the files as well as various applications in the hard disk in a way that would enhance the performance to the best possible level.

You'll get several ordinary defrag softwares but UltimateDefrag is not just the defragger. It is both a defragger as well as the hard drive file placement optimizer. It has been seen that 80% of the files on the hard drive are mostly unused by you and only 20% are used frequently. UltimateDefrag places your rarely used files at the slower performance areas so as to keep the drive almost empty hence, speeding up the system.

Working of UltimateDefrag:

Defragging helps in increasing the hard disk life as well as the performance level. File placement optimization also boosts your theoretical hard drive file access performance upto significant levels. UltimateDefrag places the files you want better performance from onto the outer areas of the drive. At a first glance UltimateDefrag looks like any other defragmentation software which defragments the fragmented files and speeding up the system. When looked deeply it has various other features makes it stand apart from all other defrag programs. The ability to place the files on the disk on the basis of higher performance has never been implemented before. The outer locations or tracks of the hard disk are faster than the inner ones. You'll have the display of the image of the hard drive in the main pane and the information in the left pane. You can hit the analyze button to analyze defragmentation level of the particular drive.

Features of UltimateDefrag:
  • UltimateDefrag enables you to specify the files, games and applications you want the best performance from.
  • The Archive tool allows you to place all the rarely used files onto the slower performing areas or the inner tracks of the hard drive.
  • UltimateDefrag has the most powerful file placement flexibility of all the defrag softwares.
  • It boosts your hard drive performance better than the average performance levels.
Methods of UltimateDefrag:

There are five methods to defrag by UltimateDefrag. The first method is Fragmented Files Only method which is good for quick and fast defragmentation. The second method is the Consolidate method which allows you to select the files needing higher performance. This would place these file on the fast areas of the disk.

The third option is to put the directories close to MFT which would improve the hard drive performance. The fourth one is the Folder/File Name method. It is much similar to the Consolidate method but places the file as per the name order. You can also choose the custom option in the tools menu to drag the files in the order you want.

The last method is the Recency method. There are a few other options available as well like Last Accessed and Last Modified methods.

So, having all in one, just go for UltimateDefrag for perfect defragging.

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