Vopt Disk Defragmenter

About Vopt

Vopt is defragmentation software ideal for significant hard disk performance at an optimal level. You must have noticed that your computer gets slow after some time. It is the clear indication of fragmentation. Due to various security updates the file fragmentation increases day by day as the replacing operating system components work. These not only fragment the files but also scatter the whole operating system over the time. The common signs of fragmentation are the longer start up time, slowness of the system and the longer time you get the work done in. And Vopt is the perfect solution for these problems and works efficiently for Windows 9x / NT.

Vopt is developed by Golden Bow Systems and has various advanced features with HDD defragmentation. It has scheduled and batch defragmentation settings. It also has a few additional tools to find large files from the disk, delete junk files, to clean the browser cache, the cookies etc. Vopt uses the trailing space after the MFT (Master File Table) for files and defrags the developed MFT in the next pass. It also analyses the files and shows what file is using up the given cluster. It shows the lists of the large files, fixed, fragmented files etc. as well. It proves to be the great option among various defrag softwares in the market if you want a decent defrag utility and the program to work quickly doing a great job.

Features of Vopt Defragmenting:
  • Vopt has the advanced feature o override NTFS packing style.
  • It offers exclusion of large files and specific paths as well.
  • It places the files strategically to improve the defragmentation speed.
  • Vopt can also find large files.
  • It has the powerful function of tuning your system as well as cleaning the unwanted trash of your system. It can delete junk files, cookies and your browser cache.
  • Vopt completes the defragmentation of the disk quickly in few minutes time.
  • Be sure about the safety of your disk data with Vopt.
  • It has the option of both manual as well as automatic defragmentation, daily or weekly as per your choice.
  • Vopt algorithm provides the maximum free disk space while moving the files around.
  • It has the great useful analysis feature showing the working of various files as well as the different file lists.
  • Vopt can be run at the start up to process the latest fragmented files within few minutes and to keep the system well organized and optimized.
Vopt is one of the oldest and efficient defragmentation softwares supporting MS-Dos and all the versions of Microsoft Windows. So, just go for it and defrag your system quickly and effectively.

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